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Whip me hard, baby!

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

Hogtied: The sensual world of BDSM. Pictures and video of tight, restrictive bondage. All original, imaginative content. Weekly updates. A huge members area.

Beautiful women fucked by electricity

Our newest Kinky site where you can find high definition live shows of sexy woman being restrained and dominated like you have never seen before.

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lesbians rape little girls
08:27, 2009-Dec-8

Torture sextorture stories Sexual bondage education

It is my understanding that servants trained in the old school were punished for their misbehavior, I continued. Anna, you will go to your room immediately and await me. And while you are waiting for me to come to your room think about the punishment I am going to give your for not working and using our private bath. And quickly departed the bedroom. Upon entering she stood up from the edge of the bed where she had been sitting. ..

Lena Ramon is back and gets dominated by Princess Kali. She is slapped, humiliated, tied down, hotwaxed and whipped with a thin leather flogger. She is rewarded with a tasty foot worship and Anal strapon sex.

Sexual bondage education

Female slaves get spanked/whipped


lesbian rape documentary
07:21, 2009-Dec-8

Anal torture Torture gallery

Some male bondage story: Teri lightly stroked at my hair with her fingers as I reveled in the warmth and softness of her breasts, hidden but quite visible underneath her shirt. Teri's chin and lips were touching the top of my head, and I could feel her lips move as she whispered, you don't seem to be getting anywhere perhaps you should take your mind off that, and come back to it later! She was slowly rubbing her chest against the side of my head now, and her stomach and crotch were pressing against my arm, and I was quickly (and visibly) becoming hard and horny! I think maybe you're right, dear! I said softly as I reached one arm around her waist and snuggled my head deeper amidst her breasts. ..

Jenya is jumped in a dark freight elevator by DragonLily, the evil late night janitor. She is gagged, cable tied, stuffed with an inflatable dildo and spanked on her nice round ass and tits. Down in the dirty basement, she endures more punishment and takes a strap-on cock in the ass. An erotic lesbian fantasy performed well by these two sexy women.

Torture gallery

Masochistic women/slaves get bound/spanked


Fiery redhead Madison Young is a true pain slut
05:14, 2009-Dec-4

Caught in self bondage Bdsm cartoons

Little male bondage story: The best man, parked to my left rear to provide a little visual balance, killed the music. And I answered, And I am here to accept your gift of yourself as my valued and cherished property, to use with love and fairness, from this day forward. Mistress Sally stepped forward and unzipped the back of her dress, letting it fall around her feet. I made a matching sidestep and she knelt before me on a pre placed rug. ..

The last night of DAa de los Muertos finds the girls desperately trying to stay awake; however, sleep overtakes them and the Dead have one last night to torment them. All of their dreams come together where four girls find themselves suspended at the same time, unable to help one another. Through the night the Dead force the girls to have orgasm after orgasm. As the dawn approaches, the question is whether the girls will be caught up forever in their unnatural dreams of bondage and servitude.

Bdsm cartoons

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lesbian rape picks
05:53, 2009-Dec-2

Cock and ball torture Bondage drawings

This process usually took four to six months, after which time a great feast was held and the Emir enjoyed his new concubine for the first time. This girl was named Barbara in her native tongue. Alysse. She had been kidnapped while traveling with family in Syria, or so Ahmed the slave dealer told. This, I knew, he would enjoy. Held in place by her teeth, a long tube of sheep intestine was easily fed down her throat by tilting her head aback and pouring water into her mouth while her nostrils were pinched shut. ..

Trinity is a tough cookie and extremely flexible. She is put in hard, uncomfortable bondage and dominated by Aiden Starr. She is forced to orgasm with a metal hook in her pussy. Then, Trinity pleases Aiden by licking her ass while partially suspended. She takes a big strap-on cock in her ass for two positions and cums so hard it squeezes the cock out of her ass.

Bondage drawings

Genuine submission

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Morgan March recieves extreme torture in Hogtied.
11:52, 2009-Nov-30

Caught in self bondage Tickling feet be torture

She usually had no problem being in on time but never really worried about what might happen if she should be later than that, figuring that at most she would be grounded for a week or so, after all, it had been almost two years since her last spanking. As soon as she stepped in the house her father was waiting for her strap in hand. Didn't I tell you that you were to be in by 10:30 or you'd be punished? She didn't know what to say, Y-yes sir, b-but it's not even midnight yet, I didn't think. ..

Ice La Fox, sexy, 21 years old, and another new face here at Hogtied. She knew she was coming to a shoot to get tied up but that is all she knew. She was shocked when we told her what we do here at Hogtied; however, she decided to give it a try, She was tough and suffered though some very tight bondage positions! She gets a "That a Girl" from me. Thank you, Ice you were great!

Tickling feet be torture

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20 year old gets tightly bound, and forced to cum over and over.
02:55, 2009-Nov-30

Anime bondage Bondage cartoons

Some male bondage story: It was a little more than an hour before she went back into the playpen. Greenfield was nowhere to be seen. Other than that, nothing else was different. She hesitated to lay down on bed. So she elected to sit in the wooded chair. She didn't have to wait long before he returned. He entered the room and slowly walked over to her. `Yes,' he said. Do you?' She nodded her head. You're just where I want you. ..

Welcome Daphne Rosen to Daphne is recognized as one of the "Big Tit" girls of the adult industry. It's very unusual for these girls to have the courage to do heavy bondage, but Daphne was the exception to the rule. We gave her the full Hogtied treatment. Flogging, followed by great breast bondage, and many hard forced orgasms. She was nervous at first, but in the end she was hooked. We hope to have back for bigger and harder things.

Bondage cartoons

Hogtied: The sensual world of BDSM. Pictures and video of tight, restrictive bondage. All original, imaginative content. Weekly updates. A huge members area.


Taken to an old barn in the hills, Xana suffers through the night
11:43, 2009-Nov-28

Japanese rope bondage Bondage anime

Sample of male bondage story: Her eyes were wide with lust and, as I came up, she circled my legs with her arm and pulled me to the sofa. She looked at me and said: kneel down here, Kay. She slid forward and I put my mouth against her bikini covered crotch and began to suck her through the fabric. There was something about the way she said it that convinced me she wanted my best and I was determined to give it to her. Her juices were running down my chin and I could feel my own pussy creaming and pulsing. ..

Another shoot done in our real time format with no cuts. This is as live as it gets with out being "live". A real session with a feisty DOM as the sub. Mika was getting ready for a Men in Pain shoot as a DOM one morning. We told her Men in Pain was delayed and we had to shoot Hogtied now!. Confused and not too happy, she stumbled onto the set and she was taken. It wasn't happening as she planned, but it was happening as she agreed. Also, we have included some of Mika past performances to set the mood for this shoot.

Bondage anime

Sexy women, helpless, and forced to orgasm

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lesbian pee rape
09:29, 2009-Nov-28

Cock and ball torture Witch torture

Some male bondage story: Her body glistened with sweat. The man stood in the doorway watching her. Then she arched beautifully and wailed in desperation as the current pulsed into her pussy. And the fact that she herself determined what happened, in a helpless, tormented way, only added to her stimulation. He rummaged through a dresser and came up with two small boxes, also dangling wires. Up on your toes, he commanded. The man slipped one of the smaller boxes under each heel. ..

Jasmine makes her debut at whippedass with the strict Mistress Shy Love, two beautiful and sexy Latinas. This update is chock-full of sexual domination including ass licking, spanking, whipping, footworship and strap-on ass fucking.

Witch torture

Sexy Masochistic women get spanked and fucked

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Jenya, 4' 11", shaved and helpless in her first forced orgasm
07:16, 2009-Nov-28

Private spankings Japanese torture

A piece of male bondage story: Reaching down, Uterss gripped her blonde hair and pulled her face up. Y-yes, she agreed, tears running down her beautiful face. your whore. By now, she knew what to say what was expected of her. Is there something you'd like to do to show how sorry you are? She strained to look up at his face, trying to guess what he wanted. P-please, she begged. The large inmate nodded. But there was still one more thing. ..

Lynn Dumaire, a tough little thing and a new face. She is so tough; that if she makes a sound you know it hurts. She has a sincerity about her that transcends everything else. If there were a theme to this shoot it would be nipple torture. Great nipple torture, and force orgasms made it a good day.

Japanese torture

This unique bondage site features original photography updated weekly, streaming real videos, and a zipping program designed for easy downloads.


lesbian rape deep purple
01:55, 2009-Nov-28

Sexual bondage education Nude bondage

As she led me to the pool area she wiggled her ass as if she need it to be fucked. I started working on the sauna first and she laid in the sun getting a tan. Then she asked me to rub oil on her back. She rolled over and my hands were on her tits( 38d). I started rubbing those big mellons and she started to moan softly. She looked up at me and told me to continue, I called he a slut and told her she would need to be punished for being such a slut. ..

Lynn is a very willing pain slut for Mistress Cami. She receives a nice cropped pussy and spanked ass with a butt plug inside. This dildo gagged slave satisfies her mistress and then is rewarded with the strap-on while tied in a pile driver and doggy position.

Nude bondage

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Jandi and January slowly suffer, trapped in steel.
08:30, 2009-Nov-24

Private spankings Ball torture

A piece of male bondage story: He could feel the moist lips of her clitoris stiffen and jerk at his touch. She felt her body splitting in half as he pulled tighter on the ropes. They gave no resistance and came away in his hand to reveal a shaved pink pussy. She could feel him behind her, his breath hot on her neck, his hands touching every inch of her body, then with the power of several horses as he rammed his cock between her legs, she screamed. ..

Sara Faye endures a gauntlet of devilish devices and situations, starting with a tight hogtie done with cold chain, followed by a painful session of perching against a pole with nothing but a sharp wooden triangle digging into her bare arches for support. A strict wooden neck stock forces her to maintain an excessively rigid posture to avoid choking. Meanwhile, Jaeyln Fox proves herself to be a spoiled brat right from the start. She thinks the show is going to be all about her being a co-star in a porn video, looking all done up and sexy while engaging in some light kinky roleplay and sex. Once she realizes that she's going to be locked up like a veal calf and treated like nothing more than a random piece of meat with three warm holes open for use, her ego takes a big hit and she starts to have second thoughts. Clearly in need of a serious attitude adjustment, Jaelyn shoots sidelong glances to Sara behind cyd's back for moral support, makes faces when she is ordered to perform tasks, mutters and whispers under her breath, and just generally attempts to top from the bottom. For her efforts, she dooms herself to be secured in a series of uncomfortable and humiliating bondages, where she is placed to be ignored, denied orgasm and to left to suffer slowly, feeling every minute of the six hour show with no relief or pleasure. Perhaps the experience taught her just exactly what her place and role is. The show continues on, focusing almost entirely on Sara instead, a participant who shows the proper enthusiasm and respect.

Ball torture

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

Vulgar, shocking, but mostly hot XXX action!

video lesbian rape
03:49, 2009-Nov-24

Bondage movie Penis torture

A piece of male bondage story: As she walked into the room, she knelt in front of her master's chair and placed a briefcase in front of him. She is such a good maid, Steve laughed. Now put that away and come here, bitch! Quickly, she moved to obey her master's orders. So she stood before him as he opened up the case she had brought into the room. Handing her a flesh colored dildo of impossibly enormous size, he instructed her to stand in the center of the room and to bury it in her tight puckered ass. ..

Kym decides to invite in a professional dominatrix to work Trixie. Part way through the scene, Kym gets bored with the proceedings and decides to take control of it herself. She attempts to dominate the professional dominatrix and receives somewhat of a shock!

Penis torture

Real BDSM powerplay.

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lesbian rape in prison
01:54, 2009-Nov-23

Free bondage Bondage movies

Sample of male bondage story: Far from it! We have been friends so long that neither of us knows what to do with this new way of relating. But my imagination has been awakened. I thought that it was much better to be a doer than a dreamer. I began to tell myself stories first about Paula and me, then about the two of us and a man (usually one of my old boyfriends). Then, more and more, the story was just about me and a man but in a way that I had never been with a man. ..

Sexy Chyna White is here for one good reason, to please her mistress DragonLily, the Asian Fury. This update is full of sexy power play and punishment. OTK, whipping, breast slapping, forced ass licking and face sitting, foot sucking, toe fucking, bondage and strap-on sex.

Bondage movies

Lesbian S&M strap-on sex


Latex clad Claire Adams rides wooden horse in bondage
11:25, 2009-Nov-20

Bondage movies Bdsm personals

He could feel the moist lips of her clitoris stiffen and jerk at his touch. She felt her body splitting in half as he pulled tighter on the ropes. They gave no resistance and came away in his hand to reveal a shaved pink pussy. She could feel him behind her, his breath hot on her neck, his hands touching every inch of her body, then with the power of several horses as he rammed his cock between her legs, she screamed. ..

Claire is a world renowned BDSM player, a switch with a history of working with cyd that spans several years and multiple companies. From a scene where she asked cyd to punch her to orgasm with lead weighted gloves to another where he pierced her with over a hundred needles and attached them to tension rods, immobilizing her in a 360 degree sphere around her, it's clear she gets off on extreme restraint and severe bondage. She smiles when she hears what her shoot has in store. Claire projects strength and self-confident in her actions. She is disciplined in dealing with pain and discomfort. cyd likes nothing more than peeling back her protective layer bit by bit, to where the poker face melts off and the vulnerability runs wild. A seductive latex striptease is follwed by an examination of some new piercings. Claire is made to lock herself in a collar and handcuffs. Her movements are confident and it is obvious that she wants to please. She is chained to the ceiling with her neck and wrists in a fiddle. She struggles in her heels to get away from the cane, her ankles held wide apart by a spreader bar. cyd offers to stop the pain if she can stay still for only ten strokes, but soon another bargain is made - relief in one spot in exchange for more pain in another. The removal of her shoes makes her predicament more difficult to endure, but Claire is stubborn. She claims it "doesn't suck enough yet." Music to cyd's ears, after working with an endless list of porn girls with no submissive or masochistic interest in BDSM at all. Afterwards, her reward is the vibrator and her breathing becomes rasping gasps and screams as she comes. Claire's eyes show only her will to endure as she struggles to make it through her ordeal astride a wooden pony and she manages to come hard from an amazing chest slapping session. Another uncomfortable contortion, followed by a flogging, a butt plug and inflatable dildo complete this set. Although she screams and begs, Claire will never tell you to stop.

Bdsm personals

Our newest Kinky site where you can find high definition live shows of sexy woman being restrained and dominated like you have never seen before.

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Cute girl Hogtied, caned, and made to cum.
02:24, 2009-Nov-12

Water torture Witch torture

A piece of male bondage story: Her back came up against the entry wall, and she inched along it, her hands jammed helplessly inside her belt, her eyes wide with terror. Without her hands Judy had no hope to break her fall, but the man's hands fastened on the front of her blouse and pulled her upright. Judy felt the cold kiss of the plaster wall against her bare backside as he began to unbutton her blouse. She screamed into the gag, but all that came out was mpfh! mfph! When he had opened her blouse, he wrapped one hand in her hair and dragged her back into the entry hall. ..

It's Day nine, the girls bought and paid for their fantasy to come true and it has. Matt has Jenni, Darling, and Jenya is the cruelest double bind of all. Darling's breasts are tied and pulled out to the necks of the other two girls stuck to a tree. If the girls do not keep their necks forward, Darling's breasts will be pulled tighter and tighter. On the other hand, Darling's spread legs and arms are tied to Jenni's and Jenya's crotch ropes. When Darling moves while being subjected to water torture, flogging, or forced orgasms, the other two suffer with no escape. Later in the day, Sgt. Major brings back Donna and she goes swimming Hogtied style. Jenya is tied to a tree three feet off the ground and forced to come over and over. However it is poor Darling who is staked out thoughout the afternoon into the evening. Oiled, spread, fingered, fucked, and forced to orgasm hours and hours into the night, with no let up or break.

Witch torture

Sexy slaves/women are bound into submission


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